What are we all about?

Teknuance brings the full gamut of organizational intelligence; from the gathering of data to derivation of knowledge.

Our solutions maximize the information that can be extracted from available data. Obtain essential and deep insights that are contextually driven and germane to the industry space within which the organization exists.

Receive high value recommendations to enhance the attainability of strategic goals. Simulate for future scenarios to stimulate growth and forecast resources required to adjust for.

Entrust employees with decision autonomy and reap the benefits of an enriched workforce.

Work With Us

At Teknuance, we are proud to say that we have brought together some of the best minds; with skills in various areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, Data Science and more. We approach every challenge with an innovative mindset.

Our goal is to provide holistic solutions that answer to all possible needs within the business world. In addition, we are also able to capitalize on our design thinking background, combining it with our expertise in various industrial domains to deliver cogent solutions to some of the hardest problems faced by businesses in today's data oriented world.

Our dedication to research and experimentation will be of value to any business wishing to scale greater heights. Contact our team to receive a catalog of products and services.

Know Us

Founded in 2011 as an Enterprise solutions provider, Teknuance serviced the Business Intelligence needs of global organizations. Clients benefited by making strategic decisions faster and with ease. Upon realizing the importance of data management and data science in the modern business profile, we decided to mobilize our knowledge assets and stake out into the sphere of indigenous product development.

We assembled a team of highly motivated and inspired people to dissect the problem of relevance in computational intelligence. Having gained experience in delivering technology solutions to diverse industries for decades, we've directed our efforts into understanding the problems faced by various levels of management personnel across business domains.

Our rationale is to delineate the logic behind the way the business world makes decisions and identify actionable ways in which we can improve the overall strategizing process within the organization.