Staff Augmentation

Our highly skilled and friendly HR staffing team assists clients with their staffing needs. The team is capable of quickly identifying the right resources with the right skills to meet or exceed the requirements of the clients. In a situation where ramping up resources within a short time to fulfil project’s requirement may be challenging, our team can fully extend their support, work with you closely and make it happen. Our onshore-offshore model works in favor of our clients by accelerating the staffing process to a great extent and get the job done quickly. We have our own in-house technical team to thoroughly check the candidature of the resources before presenting them to the clients to ensure quality at all times. We offer different models to choose from to suit the unique staffing requirements.

Adopt a coder program

We offer talent for adoption – our skilled resources work collaboratively with you during your business hours, to help you accomplish your software development needs. You get to choose the most desirable skill set from our collection of candidates to work directly with you for a long/short term basis. We encourage you to give this a try! Satisfaction Guaranteed. We augment highly skilled technical resources to assist you with your project implementation and ensure to offer fully authorized personals for highly confidential assignments. We have professionals with varied skill sets; they can be utilized on an hourly or for an entire project on a contract basis. The resource utilization pattern is of your choice and can be either as a ‘Flexible resource’ (Shared across multiple projects) or a ‘Dedicated Resource’ for a specific project. We can quickly ramp up resources depending on your growing needs. So write to us about what you are looking for, we will provide the right match.

We get you the right person for the right job. Rajesh