What We Do

Our Leader

Krishna Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

“Our foundation, mission and vision are perfectly aligned in harmony with passion to drive innovation in technology and deliver immense value to the world with wisdom.”


Who We Are


A passionate and imaginative group dedicated in interspersing futuristic technology into our business world. With R&D as our mainstay, innovation is fueled by our creative energy and aspirations in developing Next-generation products with advanced intelligence.


Our journey started 20 years ago with the exploration of cognitive science, Data science and AI, is now unfolding into a new paradigm, producing potential outcomes to make our AI engines think, perform and collaborate like humans.


Our forte being Business Intelligence and Data Science allows our efforts to align with producing Intelligence that enables enterprise to unleash their fullest business potential. This is accomplished by transforming workers into knowledge workers and business executives into business savvy leaders with the technology that’s easy to embrace and embark on.


Our goal is to provide holistic and overarching solutions to various needs of the world through technology and science and touching human lives.

Who we are