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Research Analyst in Chennai

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: An environment where there’s no hierarchy; there’s KT; where people work as a team; where people have a truthful approach towards everything; is called Teknuance.

Cons: Not specifically. The overall PROS overshadow the CONS.Advice to Management: You are doing just great. Keep up! And if you could bring in the alternate Saturday holidays then it would be awesome.

Front End Developer in Chennai

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: It has been a wonderful experience working here in Teknuance. I have been extensively working on React.js currently and there hasn't been a day when I haven't got an opportunity to learn something new. Great working environment and very supportive colleagues. We have set an eye on the future and are well on our way to achieve that. I have been fortunate enough to have been under the guidance of my immensely supportive leads and undoubtedly one of the best CEO who has been a great mentor and a great visionary. The organization structure is very flat and everyone is very professional yet friendly. No need for any pressure as everyone is well versed in achieving their responsibilities. The projects are extensive and challenging giving all of us ample amount of opportunities to learn, grow and prosper.

Senior Business Analyst in Chennai

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

1. Wonderful people.
2. Flat organizational structure.
3. Young and full of energy.
4. Bright minds and inquiring attitude.
5. Positive outlook and high value market opportunity.
This place has a great work atmosphere and coming in to work has been a pleasure. Everyone has their own tasks but will still take the time to help each other. Within a hustle bustle world, you find a relaxed company (without compromising on quality or completion of tasks). This is because of the flat structure and autonomous and self managed style with which this organization is run. Obviously for such a style to function, it requires the right people. But somehow Krish has managed to put together such a bunch. Great work so far!

Cons: Space constraint but to be resolved in a month once the upstairs portion is ready. Advice to Management: Needs none.

Research and Development

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: it's very important for anyone, irrespective of their fields, should learn something from their job...if not, it's not worth doing that job. Teknuance is a place where you learn a lot and implement what you have learned. I think this is something special about Teknuance. You get to learn a lot at the end of the each and every day.

Cons: It's a small place for many people to work. Advice to Management: good job.

Full Time Employee

Pros: Helpful people to work with, cordial ambience. Projects demand a lot from every employee so you learn and gain a lot of experiences in the process.

Cons: No cons. A good start-up to work.

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: Joining Teknuance was one of the best decisions I took. The way I think has been changing drastically over the past few months. I feel I have become more innovative. Teknuance has changed the monotonous mind-set which is created by our education system. The work atmosphere here is unique in a way that it feels like home. Also, Teknuance has best CEO I've ever seen or heard of. CEO is an excellent mentor and a person of great ethics. He motivates everyone and gives equal opportunities to each and every person.

Cons: There is a lack of experienced employees working in our office. Even though we have our research lead and a few others, I feel that we need some more experienced employees. There are no other cons which I can think of. Advice to Management: Keep continuing this great work.

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: It's a product based research oriented company where everyone is given equal opportunities and treated equally. A very friendly atmosphere where everyone supports,encourages. More importantly the CEO is a great guide and friend.

Cons:No Cons as the management takes care of everything Advice to Management: Just keep it up!!!

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: I have been working at Teknuance info solutions for the past few weeks. Its been a great experience working here. This is a place where you can learn so much and implement it. A great company to start up your career. Encouraging environment to work.

Cons: No cons about this company.

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: I have been at Teknuance for quite some time now and it's a great place to work. All your ideas are taken into account. For a person who wants to discover new things, it's a good place to start with.

Cons:No cons. It is amazing in its own way.

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: Good working atmosphere. Friendly Environment where people are willing to help you. Always motivating and encouraging CEO. A good place for research oriented aspirants and for those interested in Robotics and Artificial intelligence. Working freedom and you never feel stressed.

Cons:No Cons Advice to Management: Keep this spirit and hire talented youngsters to promote our organization to the next level.

Full Time Employee

I have been working at Teknuance Info Solutions full-time (Less than a year)

Pros: This is not a company; it’s a world of tech.They encourage and motivate you and also provide a base for you to research. In India, I think there isn't any company equivalent to Teknuance in research and work, if you are a maths and computer science aspirant I would recommend you to try for this company first. People are from IIT, IIM and other elite group of institutions’ am very happy to work in this comfortable and encouraging environment. It’s raising my confidence day by day.

Cons:No cons for them.

Interview Reviews

I applied online. I interviewed at Teknuance Info Solutions (Thanjavur) in November 2017.

Interview: It was great. It was more of a getting-to-know-character kind of interview. My initial nervousness melted away after few minutes into the interview. Some questions were technical and some were based on personality. It went on smoothly.

Interview Questions:Some technical, some personal

Interview Reviews

I applied online. I interviewed at Teknuance Info Solutions (Chennai) in June 2018.

Interview: It was really good. The people seemed totally knowledgeable and free. They treat people well and are Keen in hiring suitable person for the right job. The people are good at giving the right response asap and not delaying it

Interview Questions:What are your skills and why should we hire you

Interview Reviews

I applied online. I interviewed at Teknuance Info Solutions (Chennai) in July 2017.

Interview: Screening test and two hours of Technical Interview. I was questioned on experience, technical subject and attitude to work. A question on why did I apply for the job, My previous projects and experience and few programming questions.

Interview Questions:Questions on PDE

Interview Reviews

I applied online. I interviewed at Teknuance Info Solutions.

Interview: I contacted the HR over LinkedIn and was interviewed by Mister Krish, which lasted for an hour. In spite of having issues with the line, the entire conversation went pretty smooth, mainly focused on understanding what I have worked on and my areas of interest, skills, etc., The vision he had for the organization and its employees depicts his great Leadership. Even the HR has been very helpful; overall it was a good experience.

Interview Questions:Skills, experience, projects

Interview Reviews

I applied online. I interviewed at Teknuance Info Solutions (Vellore) in August 2017.

Interview: It was a telephonic interview. The interviewer was very friendly and asked a lot about my technical interests and skills, which areas I had worked on and also told me about their company. Overall it was a really good experience.

Interview Questions:How would you describe what you do?

Tek Tales

I joined Teknuance as a Jr Business Analyst. Every day I was offered something new to learn and experiment here. I experience a warm and friendly atmosphere here as a fresher. I feel I am in the right place as I can witness the intersection of Life Science and AI upfront. I am proud to say I revel in the work I do here. Thank You for this opportunity Teknuance!


Jr. BA-SME-Life science

Tek Tales

Relocating away from family can be tough and at times intimidating. But I realized that I never left home when I joined Teknuance. It has been a splendid journey working here with a wonderful team and under the guidance of the ideal leads and opportunities to prosper. When you have a team, which is more like a family, you are bound to achieve unparalleled heights. I feel blessed to be at a place which doesn’t have any limitations, instead reaches out to become something beyond ordinary - A home away from home.


Front End Developer

Tek Tales

I had been working in various fields for the past 5-6 years, but my heart and passion was always inclined towards Designing. I was stranded and looking out for the right place to start over and finally found Teknuance. They recognized my talent and respected my passion. And now I’m having time the of my life here.


UI/UX Designer

Tek Tales

I joined Teknuance as a Research and Development Analyst Intern. My first observation and appreciation is for the work environment. The work culture here is modelled after a flat structure and considers everyone as a part of a team with equal responsibilities and opportunities. It has an approachable management and the multitude of benefits ensures a great atmosphere. It’s thoroughly research oriented, with limited work pressure and no rigid hierarchy, thus every single idea is valued and treasured, which is an attitude I love.


Research & Development Analyst

Tek Tales

I joined Teknuance as a Research & Development Analyst (Deep Learning, NLP). Every day, I am offered a new challenge here which keeps me motivated. My expertise in Data Science domain expanded exponentially over time due to the many learning opportunities that come my way. Teknuance offers an excellent work experience with relevant prospect to get involved in innovative projects and the accomplishment encourages me to research, implement and widen my learning scope.


Research & Development Analyst

Tek Tales

I started my career with Teknuance as an e-commerce developer. Over time, I started to work on my interests which transitioned me to the R&D team. After spending hours on research and practice, I made up my mind to get my hands dirty in AI/ML/DL & NLP. Now I manage a passionate Research Team. I look back now with a smile and say that my journey with Teknuance made me discover myself, both as a Professional and as a person. I’m blessed to be a part of Teknuance family.


Research & Development Lead

Tek Tales

When I stepped inside Teknuance as a fresher, I felt like the odd one out as I was surrounded by highly skilled professionals. But in a week's span I was able to grasp the technologies we work with, thanks to the friendly environment and highly motivating team which recognized my calibre and sparked hidden talents within me. The best part of working here is the exposure to learn new things every day. After just a few months of experience, I was assigned the role of project coordinator, where I enhanced my leadership qualities which helped me groom myself to be the professional I am today.


Project Coordinator

Tek Tales

It all started with two hours of interview with our CEO; He explained everything about the company and analyzed my skill sets, tools and my work flow completely. Before joining Teknuance, I was not a great listener with minimal analyzing skills and not a big problem solver. Now I could see a complete transformation of me. Moreover, Teknuance taught me to design out of the box and now I’m equipped with several Frontend development and Designs. With all this, now I’m heading a bunch of passionate and vibrant Designers folks here.


UI/UX Lead

Tek Tales

My journey at Teknuance began as an Intern. From day one, my research work and efforts were appreciated and encouraged by the management. I was given the space to explore and try new technologies and concepts. After a while, I was moved to a new project where I was tasked with leading interns. This enhanced my leadership quality. I would like to show my gratitude to Teknuance for having confidence in me and moulding me into a stronger person.


NLP Engineer

Tek Tales

When I joined Teknuance, I only had Dot-Net experience. Here I was given full leverage and freedom to learn new technologies. My colleagues understood my potential. With constant support, guidance and mentorship, I was able to become a full stack developer. I was given my own space to place my own ideas on the table. I do not believe there are many start-ups out there where an ample amount of opportunities is provided. Teknuance has my gratitude for this.


Full Stack Developer

Tek Tales

Before joining Teknuance, I was a junior developer with limited experience. Now I am handling the entire backend development. My perception changed when I came across new sets of scientific knowledge here. Data Manipulation concepts, Micro-service concepts, Hadoop and Spark are some of my new capabilities. I am proud to say there’s no constraint for learning at my workplace. I am no longer faced with “Monday Blues”. Thank you Teknuance!


Back End Developer

Tek Tales

Teknuance has helped me explore my talent and given me confidence in all aspects. I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Human Resources team and play a hand in taking the team to the next level. I’m closely associated with the management team and contribute to framing & updating the HR policies & procedures. Both management and my colleagues have exhibited caring and supportive attitude towards me and always respected my work. Mr. Krish (our CEO) has always been my best recruiting partner and supported me in building this wonderful team. He is a participative leader and guided us through our mistakes. He takes the time to explain things in a very friendly and polite manner. Everyone at Teknuance has helped me to develop as an employee and as a person outside work.


Human Resources

Tek Tales

My role allows me to be part of the revolutionary changes that will drive the future . In Teknuance info solutions I get to work with the brightest and enthusiastic members of the industry which in turn helps me explore the different aspects of mathematics and data sciences.In this glorious organisation, we strive to optimise how the data is stored using mathematical algorithms and use mathematical logic to store the data efficiently. We also get to research and implement different machine learning algorithm.


Research Analyst Mathematics